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Ammo Supply Shortage

2020 was a year of great uncertainty. This year saw a rise in crime and social unrest. People’s fears were at an all-time high. Gun sales soared as violence escalated throughout the country. The increase in recreational hunters and shooters owing to lockdown orders given in many parts of the country also attributed to increased sales of ammunition. The record sales of firearms resulted in an ammunition shortage in the US that has lasted well into 2021. Ammo Supply Shortage

Manufacturers say that they are producing as much as they are capable of. Some factories have even reported that they are running round the clock to meet the high demand. However, many gun store shelves continue to remain empty. Those stores that do have ammunition have marked up their prices to take advantage of the shortage and make profit. Ammo Supply Shortage

While many of the factors that led to increased sales have begun to settle down, the shortage of ammunition still continues to be felt throughout the country. The high demand in ammunition throughout the country is likely to be the result of:

People stocking up due to uncertainties over future supplies in ammunition. People do not want to take the chance of running out of ammunition.
People stock up due to fear over future restrictions on purchasing ammunition. With a new government in office, people are uncertain of the gun policies it will enact in the near future.
Consumers are unsure about the future of the economy. Many people are stocking up on supplies in case of an economic downturn that could prevent them from accessing the ammunition in the future.
More people are engaging in recreational shooting and hunting activities. This is mostly a result of increased free time due to the shutdown of many economic activities throughout the country.
Will the shortage end?

Manufacturers continue to run at full capacity and imports of ammunition from the European Union, South Korea, Russia and other parts of the world has increased by more than 200 percent. However, this is still not likely to meet the high demand for ammunition. The demand for ammunition is higher than it has ever been in the US and is not likely to reduce any time soon.

The solution would be for those that already have stock of ammunition to stop buying more than they need. However, this is not likely to happen. Many ammunition consumers state that they are still not satisfied with that they already have on hand. Only a small segment says they are satisfied. While others say that they would like a little more. There are also many people that would not have bought guns in the past are now buying ammunition to protect themselves and their families.

The frenzied purchasing of ammunition is not likely to end in the near future. Manufacturers also have significant backorders to fulfill. The expectation is that the shortage will last well into the end of 2021 and it may ease in the first quarter of 2022.

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