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Buy Ammunition Online

Buy Ammunition Online, In other words demand is high, and that means online prices are likely going to be higher than what you’re used to seeing. Within the environment of an online auction site like ammo, sellers set the prices, or the prices are settled in a competitive auction. For example: A quick search for .30-06 ammo turned up a listing for 120 rounds of Remington with a current bid at $305, or about $2.54 per round. Normally, that same ammo would cost about $1.65 per round. There were still 10 hours left on this auction. Currently, there are six states with ammunition sales restrictions that impact the ability of their residents to buy ammo online. California and New York have laws requiring point-of-sale background checks on purchasers, so any online ammo purchase would have to go to a licensed seller, just like a firearm would. Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey require residents to have a license or permit to buy ammo and to possess some types of ammunition. If a site ships to those states (some don’t), it will require that license or permit to be sent before the sale will be processed. A background check is a part of the licensing or permitting process in all four states. Several other states have restrictions on ammo sales to those deemed dangerous persons, or minimum age requirements. Be sure to check all local and state laws before attempting to buy ammunition in person or online. Buy Ammunition Online

To avoid running afoul of state laws, many ammo sellers will not process orders from the above states. Most sites will also not sell ammunition or primers to Alaska and Hawaii residents due to shipping restrictions, costs, and fees. There are a number of states with ammunition sales and shipping restrictions that make online purchasing difficult or outright illegal.

  • Alaska: This state has heavy restrictions and, mat fees for shipping ammunition or primers. As such, most sites will not sell to Alaska residents, and if they do, shipping costs are very high.
  • California: Ammunition shipments may only go to: Licensed ammunition vendors with a copy of their license on file; Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders or a Type 03 FFL (C&R) holder with a Certificate of Eligibility (COE); Shooting ranges that keep the ammunition on the premises; Authorized law enforcement agencies.
  • Connecticut: Ammunition shipments may only go to those with a valid: permit to carry a handgun; retail permit for handguns; eligibility certificate for handguns; long gun eligibility certificate; or ammunition certificate and legal photo ID. Military, law enforcement agencies, and FFL holders are exempt from these requirements. Additionally, “.50-caliber Armor Piercing or Incendiary” ammunition is prohibited.

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