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Buy Your Hunting Ammo Now

Buy Your Hunting Ammo Now, Despite the continued difficulties, sources say, it’s still not too late to find the hunting loads you need for the fall. If you haven’t already, start looking now and in stores—and don’t stop until you find what you need for your fall hunts. Talk to friends and family, who might be able to spot you this season, and don’t be afraid to go to the gun counter at your local sporting goods shop and explain what you’re looking for.

“If you have a relationship with a particular retailer, like where you purchased your firearm, tell them what you’re looking for,” says Dolnack. “Just like with firearms, there are waitlists. When that product comes in, it never sees the shelf. The person gets a call and then they come in and purchase it.”

Finally, be flexible when it comes to purchasing your hunting ammo. Buy Your Hunting Ammo Now

“It is going to be a challenge, and people may have to deviate from their tried-and-true, number one choice of ammunition in a certain caliber,” says Sprague. “They have to be prepared to accept another option.” As consumers, we should be making notes of which retailers, in person or online, are price gouging their ammunition. Charging 2x, 3x, even 4x or 5x the normal price for ammunition and reloading supplies may make them a quick buck, but they should be held accountable in the long run. If someone was charging us $100.00 for a sack of potatoes during a potato famine, would any of us really continue to do business with them when potatoes were back to normal levels? Why would we just shrug our shoulders and carry on like nothing was wrong. There are still several businesses out there that, while usually out of stock, have the decency and ethics to charge a close to normal rate. We should identify those and shop no where else. I have had less trouble getting/purchasing 223, 556 and 9mm the past month than what it what it was like in Jan. and Feb. this year. I know it ‘s still high but my cost for for Remington 556 55gr green’s has dropped from $1.-$1.20 the last 800 rounds cost me $.52 cents a round. It’s articles like this that get those new to the ‘sport’ to continue to ‘panic’ buy.

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