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Shot in the Arm from Big Green

Shot in the Arm from Big Green, While most manufacturers have maxed out their production capacity to address the shortage, reinforcements have arrived now that one major ammunition company is back at full capacity. Remington that their ammunition is back on shelves across the country, now that their Lonoke, Arkansas, factory is running full tilt.

“If you look at history, there’s kind of the Big Three: The Federals, Winchesters, and of the world. I’d throw our friends [at Hornady] in the same boat these days, too. There’s not a ton of us out there,” says Joel , marketing director for . “If you remove one of those, like Remington, from market and you take all that capacity and production out of the market, it’s only going to exacerbate a shortage. Now that Big Green is back up and running, those machines are going again, the factory is going again, we’re hopeful it’s going to really help the ammo shortage. We’re making more and more product, we’re hiring, tooling up, and doing everything we can to get more ammo out the door. It feels like a bottomless pit of demand right now, and I know people are still hungry for ammo. But getting Remington back in the game is going to help hunters and shooters find what they need.” “Hunters who are going on a special trip out West or something they don’t do all the time…they don’t have the supply that they would on that ammo,” says Keffer, noting that the Sportsman’s Shop has also been holding ammo for customers who purchase new guns, use the range, or take training classes. “We’ve had an influx of people in that situation. ”Shot in the Arm from Big Green. Though Remington declined to specify how many states or stores are receiving shipments, both Sprague in Arizona and Keffer in Pennsylvania say they’ve received shipments of Remington, with the first boxes arriving in April and June, respectively.

“We’re making all the ammo in our catalogue,” Hodgdon says. “We’re not neglecting target shotshell, we’re not neglecting personal defense, we’re not neglecting hunting loads for this fall. We’re trying to do it all at once.”

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