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The Ammo Shortage Is Not a Conspiracy

The Ammo Shortage Is Not a Conspiracy, It’s April, and those who aren’t busy spring turkey hunting are starting to get antsy about finding ammunition for the upcoming fall seasons. Some are even starting to worry about September 2022, which, it turns out, is not an overreaction.

There is no deer cartridge more classic than the dependable .30-30 Winchester. Just try to find some on a store shelf right now. You’ll be surprised at how tough it is and the prices on the stuff that is in stock will make you flush.

Still, the wise play is to jump on the hunting of ammo you need if you see it, regardless of price. For big-game hunters, this might mean just one box. For bird hunters, a few boxes of good all-around hunting loads will at least keep you in the game. The emphasis here is on the ammo you “need” versus the ammo you “want.” For example, it could pay off to wait for a deal on plinking ammo. Also, now is an unwise time attempt stock piling ammo. If there’s hunting or personal defense ammo that you truly need, however, buy it now. The Ammo Shortage Is Not a Conspiracy

“It would be smart to do some opportunistic buying,” Urvan says. “You really have to plan ahead and bid on some stuff early. Make sure you’ve got what you need as opposed to trying to wait until the last minute, because we can easily go into the fall in this same situation.”

Oliva agrees and says he, personally, is thinking about ammo for next September already.

“I think everyone is kind of in that same boat. Right now, I would take availability over pricing,” Oliva says. “If you have the opportunity to grab the ammo that your hunting rifle likes best, I would do so, even at the elevated prices. I don’t see the prices coming down for hunting season next year. I think we’re going to be living with this for some time to come.”  

Reddit and other social media platforms are chock full of advice about what the right time of day is or the right day of the week to start looking for In Stock notifications. Outside of The Matrix, Oliva says the NSSF has received reports of ammo seekers clocking the deliveries at their local gun shops and big box retailers. They’re ready and waiting in long lines when the doors are unlocked the next morning. “Then they’re wiping them out an hour after they open up,” he says.

Hill said the only real reliable strategy for buying ammo online for finding what you need is to rely on in-stock alerts. He also agrees that if you see the ammo you need, don’t wait for a deal that isn’t coming.

“Speaking as a life-long hunter, here’s how I look at this,” Hill says. “People have to make their own decisions, but say ammo for your favorite hunting gun used to be $25 a box, and now it’s $50 a box. If it’s just ammo for hunting, how many shots are you going to take? The most shots I’ve fired in a deer season was four shots. Is it worth saving $25 to potentially be in a situation where you don’t have the right ammo when deer season comes?

“I’d be willing to pay an extra $30 to $60 to have hunting ammo for my gun that I know I need and that I’ve got a box or two handy, and my season is covered,” he says. “I understand being on a budget, but I’ve been around long enough to know you only get so many deer seasons.”

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