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Will the Ammo Shortage End?

Will the Ammo Shortage End?, Some customers have been stock piling a random assortment of calibers in bulk, leading retailers to implement restrictions on the number of boxes a customer can purchase. Natalie Krebs

The firearms industry welcomed about 8 million new gun owners into the fold during 2020 alone, according to the . Let’s take the 8 million figure and say for each gun sold, one 50-round box of ammo was also purchased. That is 400 million in unexpected rounds right off the top. Four. Hundred. Million. Rounds. While that may sound like a lot today, we may all look back at that number and mutter “those were amateur numbers,” because 2021 is already off to a fiery start. January 2021 set the all-time single-month record for , which is our closest measurement for tracking potential firearms sales.

I’m not an attorney, but based on conversations I had with experts on this topic, there’s no effective legal action you can take to curtail price gouging. There’s nothing illegal about buying ammo and selling it at a higher rate. It’s supply versus demand, and the hand we’ve currently been dealt. You can, however, remember these times and vote with your wallet, if you feel retailers are being unreasonable. But before you do, realize that some of these store owners could be putting in significant effort to locate stock and the costs associated are simply higher. Use good judgement and ask questions, .Will the Ammo Shortage End?

So, what can you do if you need ammo? To answer a question with a question—how bad do you need it? How much ammo do you have on hand, and how much is a reasonable amount to have on hand? Keep in mind that a 50-round box of defensive ammunition or two can easily get you through the year as you rotate bullets out of your magazines.

As far as acquiring additional ammunition goes, always try to be a smart, educated shopper. Sign up for email/text notifications through legit online retailers like Brownell’s or Midway USA. These retailers are giants within the industry and will get large allotments of ammunition. They also have an established history of not ripping off their customers. Big box stores like Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s, Scheels, and Sportsman’s Warehouse also don’t have a history of gouging their customers. Swing by these retailers as you come across them, and you might be surprised by what you find Another option is good old-fashioned bartering. If you’ve got an excess supply of 30-round AR magazines or a set of rings you’re not using, use them to offset your ammunition cost on the secondary market. Internet forums and Facebook groups are great for working trades. Lastly, when you do locate a quantity of ammunition, and you will: please don’t panic-buy the whole lot. That’s only making the problem worse for everyone..

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