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Will the Ammo Shortage Keep Hunters Out

Hunting Participation Is Up, Despite the Ammo Shortage

Will the Ammo Shortage Keep Hunters Out, hunters and shooters are painfully aware, the is still in full swing. The good news is, there are reports that the continuing shortage is easing up, ever so slightly. While it’s still hard to find the exact ammunition you want—and all but impossible to find it at pre pandemic prices—there’s hope yet that your fall won’t be ruined. Here’s the latest forecast as we approach hunting season.

As you probably know by now, last year’s  resulted in a surge in hunter participation. five percent in 2020 over 2019, and a significant portion of that boost was from. Meanwhile, the firearms industry welcomed more than 8 million new gun owners in 2020., and has contributed to a surge in shooting range use, according to Chris Dolnack, the senior vice president and chief customer officer of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Will the Ammo Shortage Keep Hunters Out

while some hunters,  and prices, Dolnack points out that the current ammo market is the only one new gun buyers have ever known, and it’s not stopping them from booking range time. While it’s difficult to tease out how many new gun owners are hunters, we do know that self-defense was the primary driver behind last year’s surge in gun purchases—not hunting.  of retailers conducted last summer listed semi-auto handguns as the top purchase for first-time gun buyers, with traditional rifles coming in second-to-last, just ahead of muzzleloaders.

Personal defense has always been in the driver’s seat,” says Richard Sprague, owner of the eponymous family business in Yuma, AZ. “Recreational shooting is still in there, and of course hunting is still in there, but personal defense seems to get people into our stores for the first time.” Shooting ranges are busier than they’ve ever been,” says Dolnack. “I think that goes to some extent to the eight to nine million new gun owners that we have, and that they’re familiarizing themselves with their firearms and seeking training.”

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